Wednesday, November 15, 2017

happiness boosters

Happy Wedesday! 
Here's a short & sweet one for you all this week!

Some things that made this past week of mine bright:

-The sacrament. So truly greatful that EACH WEEK I can be perfectly clean again and strive to be better. I need that. :)

-The Hermosa family! Tomorrow we get to go to the temple with them so they can preform baptisms for Maria's grandparents that passed away.

-My scarf + hat + gloves. It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas. Seriously, so so chilly here in Danbury.

-Charles Lynn Preston Worley: my daddio!
F E L I Z C U M P L E A N O S to the very best man that I know. It was his birthday & he always makes me so happy. #myhomielovinfriend

- YOU all, thank you for the love sent my way. I am very greatful for you all & for our Savior & for my nametag. 

Much love,
Hermana Worley πŸ’›

Pictures: from our trip to the city today 


Here is one of my favorite scriptures from this week along with a few of my favorite photos.....

2 Nephi 26:24
"He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him..."

.....I love you all
Thank you for your prayers.
Hermana Worley

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Happy November! 
I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.

The work is going really well here in Danbury. 

This past week we had the chance to help some recent converts in the church with family history so they can attend the temple this week, teach about the importance of modern day prophets, celebrate a birthday of one of our memebers in the branch, find 10 new investigators, and testify of Jesucristo.

I am sending lots of love & hope you make this new week a great one!

Hermana Worley

-My district is so wonderful! Yesterday we were able to take a little bit of time to celebrate haloween by eating chocolate eyeballs and talking about the work here in Danbury
-the halloween trunk or treat! Hermana Egbert and I dressed up as twins...and then I dressed up as a toilet bowl. 
-One of memebers has Quails!!!! They are so cute. 
-It was Lilys birthday and her favorite thing is strawberry shortcake. We didnt have time to cook one at home so we ran to walmart to get some ingridents and I made a birthday cake, in the car, on the way to Lilys house. This was the outcome. #lifehack
Ingridents: canned strawberries + golden candles + vanilla dingdongs. 
-Hermana Egbert and I with Hermana Newbold. Isn't she darling?!?! She is the branch presidents wife and I love her a LOT!

...happy things.... :)

Hola hola hola a todos!! 

Some happy things that happened this past week + photos:

-Stake confrence! The branch president rented a classic yellow school bus and the missionaries and branch members rode up to Yorktown together. The talks were super uplfiting & the theme was temples. 

-LEAVES. They are so pretty here. One of the pictures below is of a tree standing right outside of my apartment.

Hermana Egbert & I have been seeing miracles left and right! 
Last night we were able to being teaching a cute family from Spain that we met through teaching English class at the chappel building. They have lived in America for 2 months so far and found out about the free English classes that us missionaries teach, from a memeber of the church that was doing her laundry at the laundry mat. 
How neat is that!?

-SPORTS. We play them in the mornings & I have been learning how to master the art of frisby. Hermana Egbert is a pro.

I am thankful for this gospel and for all of the support sent my way. One of my favorite quotes that I came across this week is:
"You haven't failed until you stop TRYING" 
from Gordon B. Hinkley
I know that this is so true and I was extra thankful for this reminder.
It truly is the small and simple daily efforts that make a big difference in life. So keep trying and trusting in God.

I love you all! 
have a great week :)

Hermana Worley

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The new flat... life of a missionary!

Danbury, Connecticut!

Hello family and friends!

   Okay so the emailing situation is a struggle today so don't have much time...but know I love you all & that I'll respond to emails next week when I have more time :)

   This past week I said "goodbye" to my beloved Harlem and said "hello" to Danbury, Connecticut! I am also with one of the coolest humans on the planet, HERMANA EGBERT! We were so happy when we found out that we would be serving together. The area is so super cute and all of the leaves are turning. Fall is the best!

   I will be serving in a Spanish/Portugese branch. I am super excited to pick up some Portugese here I was able to meet a few of the ward memebers last night and they were so loving + wonderful.   

Love you all,
Hermana Worley

Picture: me + cute Ester from Harlem.



I am sending lots of love & light from NY.

Your favorite New Yorker,
Hermana Worley 🌻

-selfies from rooftops
-roosevelt of my favorite places!
-hot pink flowers! 
Every Friday we sing to a member in the hospital. Her name is Gloria.