Thursday, March 22, 2018


Do you wanna build a SNOWMAN? 

Hermana Clark & I sure do!
We woke up today #blessed, to a really pretty snowfall and it's still going strong. To celebrate we are enjoying some cups of hot chocolate.
Best. Thing. Ever. 

Lets see, this past week whizzed by.... let's talk about one of our favorite days:

☘St. Patrick's day!
 We were taken out to a Mexican restaurant in downtown New Rock with our students from English Classes that we teach. It was soul filling to learn more of their cultures & backgrounds. They are from Mexico Guatemala. As we were sitting at dinner, the spirit tapped my heart & reminded me of HOW much God LOVES his children. SO MUCH.
We were able to gift our English Class students copies of the Book of Mormon! We filled these books with verses that have enriched our lives + pictures of Christ + our testimonies. 

Happiness boosters:

-The Book of Alma in The Book of Mormon. This is where I have been reading in my personal study in the morning. One of the biggest themes that I have noticed this past week is that, our suffering that we expierence in life has PURPOSE. 
I have I reflected on some of my trials, I know that my suffering has brought me closer to the Savior & has allowed me to grow more empathy towards others. 

-Elder & Sister Young (senior couple) who invited us to their home last Sunday. They really are a RICH blessing in my life. Elder Young has the gospel of Christ written on his heart, I hope to grow to be more like him.

-We had 3 investigators come enjoy church this past week! YaY! 
They are all from part member families, which hits home for me.

a combination of snow + church kitchen selfies + a sunrise from our apartment window + embarrasing selfies about to take the snowmagedon. 

Heavenly Father loves you. 
Have a WONDERFUL day!

Hermana Worley 

Monday, March 19, 2018

The glass: it's 1/2 FULL

Here are a few reasons why the glass was 1/2 FULL this past week:

-Our Sunday service!
It was a really lovely Sunday. The sun was shining + I was asked to play the prelude music on the piano before our service started which did my soul SO good. 
We were able help some of our less active members come to church & I felt an overwhelming apprecation to be on my mission during our hour of relief society. I feel so #blessed to be able to rub shoulders with women of such GREAT faith. 

We have some of the best humans ever come to our English classes every week. Yesterday evening 2 of our students asked us if they could take us out to dinner this Saturday evening. Hermana Clark & I have already begun the brainstorming process of what gospel docterine we can share with them to help build thier faith. 

-The Restoration!!!!
The message is by far my most favorite message to share with people because it has brought me so much direction + peace in my life. 
We found some opportunities to share this message with quite a few people, along with gifting them a Book of Mormon.

-Along with hymns + answered prayers + angels sent from Heavenly Father (they really are all around us) + modern medicine + an a inspired mission president. 

I have strong testimony that the glass can always be 1/2 full, if we have the eyes to see it that way. 

Love you all!
Thank you for your prayers!

Hermana Worley

-Hospital cafeteria lunch rooms. Yes momma worley, I DID think of YOU.
-After math of a storm that hit.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Flower Market Miracles

Hello everyone! :)

Let's start out with one of my favorite miracles of this past week.....
       Monday afternoon we had some spare time in our sechedule before we needed to be at a members home to give her some service. 
So Hermana Clark and I pulled out our map of the area & prayed for guidance. 
      My companion felt very strongly that we needed to go & visit the home of one of our potential investigators. So we made our way over to her apartment building. It turns out that she wasn't home, as we were walking a different rout back to our car we passed by A FLOWER MARKET! 
As you could imagine I was SLAP HAPPY!!!!!
     I asked if we could pause for a moment to take a picture + smell the flowers... well, a few mintues later a man walked up to us and said.....
"Hey! Girls! I know you both!!!" ....but in portugese 
(I was so greatful for the gift of tounges AND my time in Danbury to become familiar with some Portugese)
       We were able to ask him "how?" and he explained that he had met with the missionaries in this area but it had been about a year or so since. 
So here we were, together in this flower market as we discussed the POWER of the Book of Mormon. How it has softened all our hearts + altered the life of MY family as we were able to enter into the temple together to be sealed together for FOREVER + gives our lives more meaning & purpose.....before we parted ways we said a prayer. 
      Later that evening we called the elders. They testified that our interaction with this man truly was a miracle! The elders have been trying & trying to get ahold of him for such a long time but didn't have his current contact info....  
...Needless to say this past week I was a little EXTRA greatful for prayer + The Book of Mormon + the guidance of the spirit & FLOWERS!
I testify that the Lords hand is in our daily lives. 
He LOVES you & is AWARE of your needs, trials and desires.

I pray for you all.

Hermana Worley

Happiness Boosters & Photos....
-Our miracle flower market 
-Zone confrence + car selfies! 
I was reminded....
Me + Christ = Enough....
-The view from our flat...New Rochelle looks so good at sunset
-Flower Market was SO cold. br. 
The sun has been shining but producing no warmth! how is that?! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Please bless me with angels to bear me up!"

So lets just begin with a prayer that I said this Monday morning which was the morning on transfers. I was so nervous. So nervous to leave Danbury + Sister Tua'one & change. I said in my prayer
"Heavenly Father. Please bless me with angels round about to bear me up."
I an reminded to do this often through one of my favorite scriptures. 
D&C 84:88
I love it and I use it all the time in prayers, SUCH a comfort. 

I am here in New Rochelle with the cute Hermana Clark! We are excitied to work hard together & see many miracles. 

Mini miracle:
We were knocking doors, this young man opened up his door and asked for us to come in to eat cookies with is family. So we went in and we began to share our testimonies about our favorite book! (The Book of Mormon) and when we explained that The Book of Mormon is a record of Gods interaction with the people of ancient America HE got SO excitied and had to stop to tell us that last week he was researching about NUNS + ANCIENT AMERICA and then we knocked his door!
How cool! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. :)

I am so thankful for all of the angels that he sent me to answer my prayers and that God heard my prayer. The members have been so sweet and welcoming! I am excitied to be here in New Rochelle! 
Thank you for your prayers
Have a happy day :) 

Temple trips are my happiness boosters <3
One of my top favorite families: The Hermosas

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

2 Nephi 5:27
"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."

Yesterday, I was able to gather with all of the sister missionaries to celebrate LOVE & JOY together. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this party since I had arrived in the mission field. (I just LOVE, love.)
We were able to discuss this scripture that is found in 2 Nephi, it is one of my favorites because I KNOW that we are here to expierence happiness & love. The storms of life WILL come but we can use our agency each and every day live after the manner of happiness....❤

Speaking of love, 
I LOVE Danbury, CT. Like a head over heels kind of love... The people are GEMS! I have made friends that I will stay in contact with for the rest of forever, the branch is incredible and the work is hastening very quickly. I thought I'd never be able to love another area as much as I had loved Harlem, NY but I was WRONG! 
My heart is heavy with a whole bunch of mixed emotions to know that I will be leaving Danbury this coming Tuesday.

Last Valentines day I was decorating heart shapped sugar cookies, messily, with my mom. (because sometimes love is messy)
To fill my soul this Valentine's day, Hermana Tua'one and I are traveling to the Manhattan temple! 
It will be a magical day. 
I LOVE you ALL & am thankful for the LOVE you send ME. 
Hermana Worley

-thank you for this red dress momma worley. It made its debut at the branch valentines party!
-Zone Picture.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The month of LOVE ❤

February is here & we are so happy about it!

This past week was filled with a lot of goodness. We were able to heart attack some doors + begin a Bible Study class + invite anyone and everyone to our Branch Valentine's party this Saturday evening!

 One of my favorite moments of the week happened last night. 
Hermana Tua'one + I had just gotten out of a lesson and we felt that there is somewhere specific that we needed to be but we weren't certain where. 
So we prayed, pulled out the map of our area and Hna Tua'one put her finger on a certain area.
 (Which was so cool because I was feelin the same place!)

So we got in our car & drove over there. 
Our plans were to go visit a less active member.
She was home! The spirit was so strong!
After we left her home, we were walking towards our car and a man said
"Hey are you Jehovah Witnesses?" 
And we were able to explain that we were Mormons and had a super awesome conversation about the gospel + Jesus Christ + The Book of Mormon. He is from Brazil and had met with elders before he moved to the U.S. We were able to exchange info and get him an appointment with our Portuguese missionaries!
It was a tender confirmation of knowing that we were right where we were supposed to be. 

The work is moving forward & I am thankful for the love of our Savior.

I'm sending you all prayers and LOVE!

Yours truly,
Hermana Worley

Today she turns 16!
Stay away boys.
I love you Liv!!!

Hna Tua'one y I!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hola! 01/17/2018

This morning Hermana Tua'one and I were blessed to wake up to snowfall!!! pure magic.
But I want to share one of my favorite expierences this past week with you all. There is a less active memeber in the branch who is very very ill. For the storys sake, let's just call her Lucy.
     So we were talking on the phone with Lucy this past Saturday evening and Hermana Tua'one and I felt prompted that we should ask if we could come over before church to begin a fast for her and then come by later after church to end our fast with her. Which Lucy agreed!

(side note:
to "fast" is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a certain period of time. You can fast for many purposes. We wanted to fast to ask Heavenly Father to heal Lucy. Fasting can help you prepare yourself and/or others to receive God’s blessings.)

     As we were there Sunday morning in her home Lucy began to list off her sicknesses to us before we began our fast with a prayer. It was a very long list and I remember looking over to Hermana Tua'one thinking....
*Do we REALLY have the faith that Lucy can be healed of all of her sicknesses?*
and then a tender spiritual confirmation came to me & I KNEW that yes we do. The fast that Hermana Tua'one and I were able to participate in was special. I am 100% certian that we all have the ability to access that heavenly POWER, if we use our agency to do so. It is right there waiting for us.
     I know that we are here on this earthly journey to HELP and LOVE our borthers + sisters. Through this expierence with Lucy, it was re-testified to me that the Lord does work according to our FAITH. 
It is by faith that we can see & preform miracles.

Hermana Worley

Happy Things:
-Zone Confrence!!! Great things are happening in the NYNYN Mission. We are working on keepin' up on those New Year gratitude jar is going strong......but about my other ones......Im sure greatful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. #keeptrying
- The tender funeral of our Prophet Thomas S. Monson & the call to our new Prophet Russel M. Nelson!
-El Libro de Mormon. I love this book, especially in Spanish.
-Art. I was able to draw this past week! 
-Prayer. I know He hears my prayers. He hears your prayers too. 
-New people to teach! We were able to find some new people to teach through helping a woman take down her christmas decorations. Service is important!

-buddha! Thanks for the pic momma worley. 
-danbury sunsets.
-my cute compa hit 7 months of her service to the Lord. whoohoo!
We are both sure glad that we have been called to serve our King!