Sunday, January 7, 2018

...17 things in 2017...

 Goodbye 2017 & Hello 2018. Doing wierd things to my brain, I can't believe it! My 2017 was spent mostly as a missionary and 2018 will mostly be spent doing the same thing and I couldn't be happier about it! YAY!

     For NYE, we celebrated with one of our darling memebers, she cooked us OCTUPUS rice + an Oreo cake! Fun stuff :) We were asked to be home early that night, so we turned on our twinkle lights in our room + sat on the floor and wrote down some of our goals for 2018.

I decided that I want to share 17 things I learned during 2017 today so here we go..... :)

1. How to rely, truly rely, on my Savior & Heavenly Father.

2. A new language: Spanish! {a work in progress, but love it!}

3. ALWAYS have a Book of Momon on me!!!

4. How to pretend that I love eating meat!!!!!
#struggle #vegetarianpremission #thingsforChrist

5. How to Subway surf and testify of Christ while doing so!! #HARLEMMM

6. How to read emails super fast and respond even faster!

7. That you can L-O-V-E random stangers that you meet on the street instanteanously (<- still can't spell haha somethings dont change)

8. The scriptures {I still have so much to learn but i've gotten much better at studying them}

9. Some things matter and some things really don't. Learning how to let the things that don't matter go.

10. Some of my favorite things, will ALWAYS remain favorite things......a hot cup of tea...the color!...the sound of bird chirps...

11. I am involved in a work that is SO much greater than myself!

12. Time is precious.

13. Greatful hearts = Happy hearts!
#countyourblessins #onebyone

14. How to make, eat and clean up quinoa in less than 30 minutes.
{definitely have been our lunches lately}

15. I can ALWAYS choose to feel my Saviors love and that it is the best thing ever.

16. I have met some of the holiest people that live in one of the most unholiest of places. #NYC

17. Brave. The true meaning of this word.

And so many other things as well!!! I am so excited to CONTINUE leanring all thoes things better as well as many more this coming year.  I feel blessed to begin this year with Hna Tua'one. This past week we were able to see a lot of miracles! Miracles are witnesses of God. 
I testify that He LIVES! He loves us.
Its gonna be a happy year for us all, I can feel it.

Hermana Worley

ps. I love LOVE to hear of some things that YOU learned in 2017.
-BRAVERY!!!! Sister Tua'one convinced me to get some my ears pierced. It was about time. 
-MOM! I made your no bake cookies, buuuut destroyed the spatula while doing so...whoops!
-blurry NYE party hats!
-pom pom heads. its cold here! 

Friday, December 29, 2017

A Christmas Miracle & last email...

...of the YEAR! #2017

Thank you for all of the love that was sent my way this Christmas season!
My Christmas was wonderful. Hermana Tua'one & I spent time singing to people who were hospitalized + eating lunch with an awesome family in the branch (i ate BUNNY!!! tastes like chicken) + delivering Christmas gifts + sharing the "IluminaElMundo". My favorite present of all was being able to Skype my family. I am so greatful to have a father that made us an eternal family in the Boise, ID temple not too long ago. 
Familes are forever! 

A Christmas Miracle:
Hermana Tua'ona and I (along with the elders in the area) began working towards a goal at the begining of our time together to have 100 souls in church Christmas Eve morning to celebrate the birth of their Savior with us. The past few weeks (this past week especially) were filled us with working so hard to accomplish this goal that we had set. When Sunday morning came, we both had peace in our hearts as we sat in our church service knowing that everyone who was in this service was supposed to be there. At the end of the church service we were told that 102 souls were with us in church! 
Hermana Tua'one and I earned so much together throughout this expierence. I know that the Lord wants to help us accomplish the righteous desires of our hearts...and He will if we let Him!  
As this new year approaches and your new goals are set, include Heavenly Father in your goal setting process. You were designed to succeed! He is cheering you on! 
I am cheering you on too!

Hermana Worley

1. Me + ONE of my FAVORITE HUMANS, isnt she DARLING
2. 7/11 #truechristmasmiracle
3. pre church selfie
4. post church Santa Biblia pic. #SANTA
5. We were gifted lip gloss
6. SNOW!


CHRISTMAS EVE with my hermana!!
thanks for the pajamas momma worley & tua'one

Feliz Navidad!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

maté + snow + miracles 12/13/17

Got to say that as much as possible while it's still time :)

This past week was filled to the brim with miracles......

.....Hermana Tua'one and I were able to paint pottery (I was all sorts of happy to get my hand on a paint brush again) + We had a missionary activity at the local college where we passed out hot chocolate, wrapped Book of Mormons & shared "Light the World" + Hermana Villareal joined me in Danbury for a day! + Last night we were able to met a darling family who just moved to the U.S. from Ecuador. We are excited to keep sharing our unique message with them.

I LOVE the Christmas initative and I LOVE talking to people and helping them think of Christ. People are good. I am so grateful for these incredible people in Danbury and that I have been given a gift to be able to be here to talk to them and a gift to be able to speak their language!

Happiness Boosters:
- Coca mint maté. Tastes like Christmas. Thanks momma worley! 
- Love and understanding that came to me from Heavenly Father in the form of Sister Tua'one. I'm truly so grateful for my comp.
- solid exercise time.

Minnie Letters:

Dear Christmas music, you made my life brighter.

Dear Danbury, you are causing a "snow white" look on me. Snow is everywhere! Saturday it was snowing all day long. I was in heaven.

Dear Christmas, thanks for making everyone happier.

Dear President, thank you for leading this mission with so much inspiration. 
#zoneconfrence #moneymoneymoney

Dear family & friends, thank you so much for all of the love and support. #mvp's

Hermana Worley 

- Hermana v. She's an awesome missionary + so cute.

- dropped my ice cream cone. #struggle 
- paintin' pottery
- missionary magic! Our stand at the college.
- view from our bedroom window

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

11/ 22/2017 Hola and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola and Happy Thanksgiving!

I love you all and am so thankful for your support!

12/06/17 Google Translate + Branch blessins

Hello everyone! Happy December! :)

I have some random thoughts and want to begin with a quick story!
 So hopefully you can make sense of this email...

Here we go:
About every other week we take some time to sing who one of our branch memebers who is living in a hospital/nursing home facility. When we arrived to visit with her, we were told that they needed to change her & transfer her to her bed. 
So Hermana Tua'one & I decided that we should sing to the other patients near by while we waited. We walked into the room next door and there was a cute lady reading a book.
We began to talk with her but realized that she doesn't speak english....
So then I tried Spanish....nothing
Then in my broken Portugese.....nothing
I had the idea to pull out Google translate and we translated
 "Hello! What is your name?" 
in about 12 different languages...but no luck! 
She kept shaking her head and finger "no". 
So we found a nurse nearby and asked her what language she speaks. 
She said Russian! We then took this new knoweldge and Google translated "Hello! What is your name?" into Russian and she exclaimed "Analise!!!"
 with a huge smile on her face! 
We were able to converse with her by her speaking into my speaker on my tablet- it translating it to English and then us translating our English to Russian. We are excitited to go back and visit with her next week. We are planning to bring her a copy of our favorite book! You already know which one! The Book of Mormon! ;)
It was such a neat expierence that testified to me all over again, LOVE has no boundries. 
The color of our flag, skin, food does not matter. 
We are ALL children on God. 

I have spent the past few days were spent feeling sicker than a dog + resting at home. I came down with a really nasty bug which was super lame but it also made me so greatful to a companion who was willing to wipe my runny nose & make me tea + a branch president who was worthy to give me an anionted healing blessing + modern medicine + heremana espinosa (a cute memeber in the branch) who brought me homemade soup!

I love you all. 
I know that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.
Life is good.
Happy Wednesday!

Hermana Worley

-us with Analise! :-*
-selfies in Anthro
-Analise again because she is so cute and was amazed by technology...we were too!