Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Famous Cookies

Famous Cookies!!!

Theory for life......SMILE

I really need to think of more creative "hello" greetings but there is no time for that this week so here is a great big:

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.
It is interesting to me to see and expierence a little pice of SO many different cultures here. But one thing that is tried and true throughout my travels in life, and has been true here is that when you see people on the street and you give them a small smile, chances are....they wont even smile back at you. BUT if you give them a HUGE smile, most of the time you al least get a little smile back. :)
So I just walk around saying HELLO + HOLA with a HUGE smile plastered on my face and usually I get at least little smiles back. :) Try it out this week!

Yesterday when Hermana Anderson and I were headed home on the bus we were able to meet a darling women who was deaf and refer her the elders. We used the sign language that we both knew (which is very limited), showed her a video that the elders put together, she put in thier phone number in her phone and were able to talk about her job with her! She braids hair for a living! This expierence testified to me that LOVE really is the universal language!!!

I dont have much time this week to write today but I hope that you are saying your prayers + reading your scriptures + remembering your Savior Jesus Christ.

mini letter poetry:

Dear Spiral Stairs, I'm convinced you want to kill all young children, pregnant women, and elderly people. You are SUPER sketch. 

Dear people who say they can't speak English when I speak to them in Spanish...sorry. I'm working on the accent okay?!

Dear Project Elevator, sometimes I would rather pee in you than some of the bathroom that I visit in peoples homes.......dont ask.

Dear self, you should have taken a world religions class for SURE. Anyone want to do some religion research and send it my way???? ;) There are so many different religions practiced here.

Dear family, thanks for the letters you gave me before I went to the MTC. I read them often and they fill me with SO much strength and love!!! 

-gotta apprecaite all of the thank you you can get
-a classic manhattan sunset...they get me every evening...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The MET & Me

Life in NYC

Hello all of my favorites!

I hope this past week treated you well. It has been a busy one for me in New York. I dont have much time to write but here are some highlights:

-Gala was baptized and confirmed into the church last Saturday!! YES on Mothers Day Eve!! It was such a darling day... :)

-I killed my first COCKROACH! 

-Ate NY pizza!

-Looked at beautiful art at the MET. I LOVE this city of mine!!!

-Knocked on a LOT of doors. Talked a LOT about Jesus Christ. Passed out a LOT of Book of Mormon cards on the bus/subway/train.

-Skyped with my MOMMA + family! It was so good to hear their voices. If you are near your family members....go give them a big hug! :)

-Met with President and Sister Smith in Scarsdale for a new missionary meeting. Which was awesome!! 

-Learning Spanish!

-2 Bros Pizza- the missionary SPOT! A slice for a dollar. #win
-Hermana Anderson & I in Central Park

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jesus turned water into milk for his dog?????

Haha okay let me just start by explaning the header of this email.....So yesterday Hermana Anderson and I were teaching a cute old lady. Her name is Maria and she is from the Dominican Republic and she lives in a project building. When we were in the middle of the lesson I saw a mouse run across the living room floor so I naturally jumped and said 
"AH! Un raton!!!"
and then Maria said....
"Oh they live here too" ha!
So we continued on with the lesson by me asking what was her favorite miracle that Jesus Christ preformed when He was here on Earth?
Which she replied 
"Oh that is easy.....When Jesus turned the water into milk to give to his DOG!"
Hermana Anderson and I just turned to each other at lost for I explained that I think Maria is reading a different translation of the Bible than we are because I wasn't familiar with that story.....HA!
This is NEW YORK... and it is a crazy + wonderful place!

Speedy recap of my week:
I have my first and last zone meeting, hours of studies, I taught lessons completely in Spanish, eaten fried plantains rice and beans, gone on my first split, been yelled at, hit on, RAINED on, gotten dunking donuts, met people from the DR and Africa and Mexicans and Exuadorians and Honduranians and one of the best news: all my clothes still fit!
Life is a whirlwhind and I feel pretty lucky to be expierencing this all while representing our Savior Jesus Christ. 
I have been learning that peace can be found in the quiet moments that we are studing our scriptures but peace can also be found in the loud moments when you are clinging to dear life squished in the subway with a billion other people. True peace comes from turning our hearts to the Lord.

Today Hermana Anderson and I are going to look at Art in the MET!!!! I have been wanting to adventure there for so long!! Whoohoo! Then afterwards we will find some good pizza for our P Day!!!

With mothers day approaching so soon I want to take a moment to thank my mom. I love my mom so much! She is incredible and all that I hope to be in this life. I still hear her voice in the morning saying "ten swipes...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" when I apply my deodarant. I am one lucky girl to say that my momma is my best friend!
Make sure to show your momma some love this week. 

I love you all!
Hermana Worley

Pictures: on the subway passing out Jesus cards and Chelsea market!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm doing the Harlem Shake!!! 5/3/17

I am in NEW YORK!!!! 
I arrived to New York Monday Evening & I LOVE IT!!!!!!! 
Tuesday Morning I was able to meet my new darling companion/tranior! Her name is Hermana Anderson! 
I have been assigned to labor in Central Manhattan! WHOOP WHOOP! I am in the city! 
When I first arrived I felt sensory overload to the max but I am adjusting really well!
It seriously feels like I am living in a movie set.....and trying to share messages about Jesus to a super big variety of is the best thing ever! I feel like I am living the dream!!!! Never coming back home!!!! 
(just kidding mom and dad ;) )

So the apartment that I live at is uber cute. OH my! It is located in Harlem and it is right across the streets the the projects....HA I love it! Keeps life intreresting. The area that Hermana Anderson and I cover is the west side of Manhattan but we live on the east side. 
When I first walked into the apartment with my bags Hermana Mercado looked at my and said: "WELCOME TO THE GETTOS!!!!"

Yesterday I purchased my Metro card and I have already put it ready it to really good use. The subway is super busy + smelly + wonderful. Using public transportation is a big blessing because we are given SO many different oppertunites to meet new people. 

I already witnessed 5 baptisms on my mission my first day here! I'm not you want to know how? I was able to go to the Manhattan temple with Hermana Anderson and two recent converts in the ward, Viance + Evelyn. They are both darling. Evelyn is from the Domincain Rebublic and Viance is her 15 year old daughter. Evelyn was so happy when I explained that Peyton is going to the D.R. this summer for humanitarian work. But anywho, Viance + Evelyn were able to preform baptisms in the temple for thier family memebers that passed away. It was such a beautiful expierence to be able to witness. I am so thankful that this gospel is so centered on Jesus Christ and families. 

Today my companion and I have been #bossladies. We walked to the laundrymatt, picked up some groceries/items from Target and we are going to eat some new york pizza, visit Chelsea market, teach about the priesthood this evening to a 17 year old girl named Gala. 

-my cute companion and I
-the Manhattan temple....swoooooon... right?
-me with me first Metro card....excuse the bangs....the humidity is so real.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am sending you all lots of love and light. 
Xoxo, Hermana Worley 

I can't figure out how to send a group email on my tablet!!!