Thursday, June 29, 2017


ALSO Cupcakes ATMS are REAL is New York!!! I got a pineapple cupcake!!! 

No tiempo hoy


I dont have much time to write today but I still wanted to send you all some fotos + love. I am alive! + happy!  and there are miracles EVERYDAY in New York. This past week was filled with lots of walking, prayer, planning, teaching about our purpose here on earth, rice + beans, rain and FIREFLIES! It is so fun seeing fireflies alive at night on our walk back home to our apartment. #bliss
I hope your week was filled with lots of good things too. 

Hermana Worley

-Weekly planning: my ft. the white board at home
-A Rainbow- pure magic
-The fire hydrants are always open exploading water! #summertiiime

Saturday, June 24, 2017


A Happy Day! :)

Hola! :)

Its "P" day again & the first day of summer. 
A happy day! :)

This past week I had the opportunity to tour the Unitied Nations! It was one of the coolest expierences EVER. Felipe is a member of the Harlem Spanish ward and he works as a religious coordinator.
Want to know a cool fact? The UN is technically not located in New York. Its international territory.

Elizabeth is my most favorite Bolivian EVER. We met her through knocking doors in one of apartments that we were in. She works as a home attendent to a little old lady who is 105 years old! Crazy, huh?! 
Elizabeth is studing to take her citizenship test so we practice speaking English with her + asking qustions + then at the end we share a spiritual message. #win-win

The ward threw a fathers day party on honor of "Dia del Los Padres" and it was SO fun. So many rice and beans were cooked, there was lots of dancing, costumes and a live band. Fathers day was extra special this year for me. Not being able to physically celebrate the day with my dad made me apprectiate him even more. I hope you were able to give your dad a great big hug. 
I am very thankful for my Earthly Father and my Heavenly Father and my awesome grandpas. I have been blessed with the best.
One of my top favorite things to share with people as a missionary is that we are all literally children of a loving Heavenly Father. He loves us and watches over us. :)

Love you all big time,
Hermana Worley

- the cupcake atm
-My roommates and I
-View from the UN

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I was able to tour the U.N. today

Oh my goodness so one of the members in the ward, Felipe works at the U.N. and he gave us sisters a personal tour!! Guess what. Norman Rockwell painting was there!

Tranfers + Funfetti + A sick companion


I am still city living finishing up my training this cycle with Hermana Anderson. 
One of our sister roomate left us and we are sad to loose Hermana Balcasar but we are SUPER excited to have Hermana Day come and join us! She is the bees knees!

Hermana Anderson has been dealing with a lame bug and this past Saturday we spent in our home so she could rest for the day. Send her some good vibes if you can!

This past week was filled with a lot of wonderful things.

Yesterday Hermana Anderson & I baked a TON of Funfetti cookies for all of our friends in the city with a mini message about the gospel! Like FOUR  dozen cookies. Our apartment still smells divine.
When we were on the bus to go deliever all of our treats I saw a super cute little latino lady sitting down and a strong impression came to me 
"you need to give her a plate of cookies" 
and I thought oh my word! WHAT!?
How am I supposed to give a stanger a plate of cookies when I dont even speak her language very well?!
 She is gonna think I am so wierd but I reminded myself that I am wierd and all that I need is 12 seconds of extreme bravery!
So I sat down next her said "hola" & just prayed SO hard for the best.
We were able to understand eachother really well and talk about our relationship with Jesus Christ. When my bus stop was coming up I explained to her that I have a plate of cookies for her and she was like "uuuuhhhhm esta bien" but I ended up explaining to her that they are for her because I love her and I hope that she can enjoy the note that is with them and drink some milk too! And then guess what happened!!! 
I don't know why I felt impressed to give a random stranger a plate of cookies on the bus BUT I do know that it is SUPER imporant to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I may never see that lady again and I may never know if the cookies made it to her home or into a trash can after she got off the bus, but it doesn't matter! If you have a kind thought come to your mind......DO IT! That is my challenge to you all this week.

Tender mercies:
-My METRO CARD - A/C on the SUBWAY!!!! HOLLA!!!
-ALL of the YELLOW taxi cabs. SO new york.
-This city. There are so many magic moments!

I love you all lots! 
Talk next week

My and my Magnolia red velvet cupcake! SO YUM!
My first complete SPANISH note

Saturday, June 10, 2017

HaPpY bIrThDaY tO mE


Yes that header of this email is RIGHT! 
This hermana of yours is now twenty one years old! 

Thank you for all of the birthday love that was sent my way. I feel extraordinarly blessed that I am able to serve our Jesus for my WHOLE 21st year of LIFE! 

Lets talk about the birthday festivities:

So the big day began with Hermana Anderson and I going on a run outside to the top of the nearby target parking garage where we were able to watch the sun rise above the hudson river!
When we came home to start getting ready for the day the whole apartment was DECKED OUT. Our sister roomates hung ballons + streamers + banners and baked blueberry muffins for breakfast.
Then I was able to open up birthday gifts! (thanks family!!!!!!!!!)
My momma sent me a birthday dress and all of our Latino friends DIED over my mexican vestido! It was thee funniest! *vestido pictured below*

For dinner one of the ward memebers, Hermana Daisy Matos, threw me a mini birthday party at her home! She is a darling sister from the Dominican Republic who speaks Spanish far to fast w/ too much slang for me to follow along fully with her conversations....but nevertheless she and I love eachother very much! 

She made me a big vegetarian dinner + 2 birthday cakes + lit some matches on fire and put them on top of a cake for me to blow out + invited Hermana Villanoeva over with her little grandson + told lots of funny jokes! It was a hoot!

I don't have much time to write more today but I am sending you lots of LOVE from New York. I pray for you all!

Make it a good week,
Hermana Worley

-The Brownie cake that my roomates made for me on Sunday!
-Hermana Anderson and I ate our district meeting w the Bday CROWNS

Friday, June 2, 2017

my home away from home- Spanish Harlem

Central Park Wonderland

Hello its Hermana Worley here!

Hello its Hermana Worley here,

Can you all believe that another week has passed by? ME NEITHER!

I was able to attend the Manhattan temple recently to do a session. There are a lot of places that I love in this city of mine but I have to say that the temple takes the cake! It is where I find peace + clarity + council + hope + love. So many good things. 
The Manhattan temple is pretty unique because it is placed in such a noisy busy place but when you walk in it is completely silent. #bliss

Sometimes when I have left the temple in the past I have thought to myself: "oh boy, now I have to go back to the "real" world" 
and I think that is so silly....because if you take a moment to think about it... the temple is the "real" world everything else is just fluff! 

Lots of mini miracles here like meeting people on the bus that give us thier address and tell us to come visit them or seeing a memeber of the church just in time when they needed it and even being able to appreciate the power of a priesthood blessing of health.

The last few days I caught a bad bug or something of the sort because Saturday evening I was throwing up feeling sicker than a dog. #notfun
But times like those are tender/rough remindering of some of the really good things in blue gatorade + preisthood blessings + fuzzy blankets + MVP COMPANIONS. 
Hermana Anderson is the bees knees!

I love the ward that I am serving in right now. It very aclectic (? not sure if thats how the word is spelt hahah) But there are about 600 members in the ward and about only 60 families that are active. Which blows my mind! We are trying to build the ward!

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Much love and light,
Hermana Worley

-My first tamale experience