Sunday, July 16, 2017

APF + stick notes + Fresi

Feliz miércoles!

I feel like I ALWAYS start this way......but this past week really did WHiZ by.
It was also filled with a lot of ingredients.

Hmm lets start with a not so funny food expierence......
Okay so I'll begin real quick with explaining that i was a vegetarian before the mission but i have been eating meats of all sorts because, what would Jesus do? Right? So a lot of food that i am served is a weird expierence because I'm fed a lot of meat but anyways, yesterday after helping out a lady in the ward named Ana clean out her home she wanted to feed us food. 

A HUGE plate of spaghetti was on the menu.
When I got near to finishing my plate/putting some spaghetti in my purse....I felt something really hard in my mouth so I started to chew really slowly and then just had to take it out of my mouth....when I looked in my hand it was WOOD!! Like a stick from a tree branch. Yup. 🌲 
The end!

Hermana Anderson and I felt that we should look up one of the gals that we found through talking to people on the bus not too long ago. We have been able to meet with her once for a lesson + deliver her a book of Mormon....but after that lesson we haven't been able to keep in contact with her. We have attempted quite a bit to reach out to her have not had much luck with her being home/answering her phone.
Regardless we felt like we should try again.
So we knocked on her door and nothing.
We left a note.
The next morning our phone buzzed and it was her asking if we could come by to visit with her this Saturday morning! 
Hermana Anderson explained to me that she can't remember what she wrote on the note on her door but that she was praying that Heavenly Father would help her reach out to us.
This little tender mercy was a soft reminder of how important it is to never give up on people....and that sticky note messages do really work.

Friday afternoon: 
My district had an APF!
An APF is an Area Proselytizing Focus so we set up a booth on the busy streets of Harlem with cases of cold water bottles + Books of Mormons + pass along cards + members from the church. It was SO fun and super cute to see the members get excited about missionary work!

Saturday morning: 
we recieved a text from Fresi (one of our investigators) asking if we could come over and see her asap.
Hermana Anderson and I knew something was wrong so we raced over to her home. When we got there we all sat on the sofa and Fresi just started to bawl. She explained to us that her husband was kicking her out of the house so she had to move to Brooklyn today to live with one of her friends until she figures out something else.
All of her family lives in the DR. Hermana Anderson & I have been one of her biggest support systems. So we helped her pack her bags then said our goodbyes. My heart is still really heavy for Fresi and I am learning what it means to trust God. 

I am extra thankful today that there is no such thing as permanent goodbyes & that everyday is a fresh start because of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. 💛

Much love,
Hermana Worley 🌻

-We had a super rainy day this past week and were drenched on the way to the chapel. Some men offered us some trashbags to keep dry!! Rain in the city is ALWAYS magic! 
-a awkward selfie with Ana Maria and I! This darling lady is 106 years old!!!!! 
- the train station. I love the art in N.Y.. 

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