Thursday, July 27, 2017


A week full of big changes!

Hermana Anderson is on her way back home to Utah! Craziness.
This past Sunday Evelyn, a member in the ward fed us a goodbye dinner for Hermana Anderson and the end of dinner she gave Hermana Anderson a cute scarf and a mug....then she went into the bathroom and came out with a HUGE bouquet of flowers and said that these are for ME because she doesn't want me to be sad that Hermana Anderson was leaving. 
I then started to bawl..... we are talking about big crockadile tears and then I thanked her for being a second momma to me here in New York.
It was a really special evening.

Thursday morning the cell phone started buzzing on the desk during morning we looked at the phone and it read President Smith... here is how the convo went:
President Smith: Good morning is Sister Worley there?
Me: Yes I'm here!
President Smith: Sister Worley the Lord has called you to be a trainor.
Me: *all of the emotions all at once* 

So that happened. At first I thought that the Lord & President Smith had made a HUGE mistake calling me to train. 
I was still in training. 
Still struggling with Spanish. 
Still trying to navigate around the city. 
Just really under qualified overall.

Moral of the story. You have got to be careful for what you pray for because I was praying for more training.....just not in this capacity. 

My new companion just came from the Mexico MTC. Her parents are from Samoa but she was raised in California. Has 10 siblings. A heart of GOLD! 
We are gonna learn so much and pour our hearts in the work. 

Yesterday was our first day together and she was a champion with all of the city walking & Spanish speaking. I was praying that New York would be on its best behavior for her. 
When we knocked on one of the doors for a look up, a man opened up the door in a red thong!!!!!!! Ahhhhh. So I took Hermana Masoe by the arm and we ran down the stairs to leave the building. Poor girl! 
We were also to teach the message of the restoration to a lady sitting outside her building, help a man push a grocery cart full of groceries to his home, eat tamales for dinner, visit our cute member Lousia and tract in a project.

There are so many reasons why heart is full to the brim:
1. Hermana Masoe is THE CUTEST SISTER EVER. We are going to learn so much together. 
2. I get to serve in Harlem for another 12 weeks!
3. We have been having some magic rainy days in the city!
4. The Lord has put me in a new situation where I am able to learn how to put more of my trust in Him.

I am thankful for this gospel and for all of your prayers.
Much love,
Hermana Worley 

-my last district
-Hermana MASOE!!! ISN'T she DARLING???

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